Master Keying

Master key systems that balance control with convenience

Master Keying Explained

Master key systems (MKS) provide versatile and effective keying solutions. Selected keys are configured to open a number of different doors or openings. Many types of lock can be accommodated using the Mul-T-Lock system. Door, gates, padlocks and cabinets can all be locked using the Mul-T-Lock system. Design is totally flexible all the cylinders can have unique keys, some or all could have the same key, cylinders could be grouped into keyed alike sets. But, subject to final design, the master key will open them all. Our professionals will help you design, build and maintain a highly effective and efficient system that suits your needs and provides you with ongoing expert support throughout the installation and implementation process and beyond. Some of our customers have been using the system for thirty years plus.

MKS is suitable for all business types, landlords, and private individuals.

Understanding Master Key System: One-key locking solutions

Here’s what your business would get when applying our MKS to your locking systems

Customisable system

The MKS can be applied to any Mul-T-Lock High Security solution and to a wide range of products, including many locks and cylinders.

Cost effective

Single-key access is more efficient, reducing long term costs and ongoing budgets to be spent on replacement keys.


Mul-T-Lock complies with the world’s high-security locking standards.

High security protection

Keys are mastered to provide each user with access to authorised doors or areas only, increasing security control by both user and management. With good design quantity of keys in use will be reduced.

Convenient access

The ability to incorporate a wide range of product types, different cylinders and padlocks, into the system using a single key enables complex system design capabilities and allows your locking system to expand with your business.

Combined electronic/mechanical systems

Our mechanical hardware an cylinders can be enhanced with electronic locking for an additional layer of security.

A system that grows with your business

Various design/planning options enable further system expansion and expansion to any environment.

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