Custom Built Master Keyed Systems To Suit You!

Benn Lock and Safe are able to build master keyed systems for our customers businesses or homes in the Cambridgeshire area. Master keyed suites of locks are often fitted to large business buildings such as offices, colleges and industrial plants, but these locking systems can also be fitted to houses that have lots of doors. A master key system is a group or suite of locks. The suite may comprise a few locks or there could be several hundred doors to secure, say in a college or university. The locks could be a mixture of different types – old style ‘Yale’ type locks, mortice locks, Euro locks, padlocks etc.

High Security Custom Master Key Systems

Benn Lock and Safe Ltd choose Mul-T-Lock as their main master key system supplier.  Mu t lock are now a major international brand and Benn Lock and Safe are one of their longest established dealers.  The Mul-T-Lock business is five years older then Benn Lock and Safe, founded in the year 1973, Mul-T-Lock is now a worldwide leader in creating, marketing and manufacturing high quality security solutions for a range of different applications. They have many patents for innovative products, including padlocks, cylinders and electromechanical locking systems.

Understanding master key systems (MKS):

Simply, a MKS is a set of locks where all the locks have a different key but a special ‘master’ key will also open them all. A single key opens them all. Single-key locking solutions provider Mul-T-Lock offers a wide range of master key solutions to address the varying needs of different business and home sectors and their unique environments.

Here is what you will get when you change your locks to our MKS.
  1. Key security,
  2. Full control of who holds keys,
  3. Who can order keys.
  4. No copy keys, all keys are made to code – no copies of copies to damage your locks or cause an expensive call out.

Top quality materials to lengthen the life of the product.  Service, repair and re-pinning service for the life of the product.  Keys not available of the High Street.  High security protection – keys are mastered to provide each user with access to authorised areas only – increased access control – reduced number of keys in circulation.

Security and master key systems offer control over the movement of people within a building to provide security and accessibility to the building manager and for their tenants, occupiers and other key-holders. Systems design can be either on an open section key or on a restricted security key that are registered to avoid the unauthorised copying of keys. Most UK locks can be changed to take Mul-T-Lock cylinders such as:-

  • Euro cylinders
  • GB oval and Scandinavian cylinder
  • Old fashioned rim cylinders
  • Padlocks and even
  • Small cabinet cam locks.

As master locksmiths, Benn Lock and Safe recommend using a restricted security key system because this provides the best all round security.

Although very small, keys play a large part in the overall security of your company or home. Keys give us access to facilities, entire buildings, equipment, machinery, vehicles, and secure areas. The management of keys is an essential task within all commercial operations. Secure key management supports the smooth operation of any business organisation.

Though an increasing number of companies are upgrading to electronic access control systems, many facilities still rely on traditional keys. An extensive survey of building security concluded that while electronic locking systems will grow at a small rate every year, physical locks and locking will remain the dominant method in use for the foreseeable future. Benn Lock and Safe have found this to be true. We are very aware of the new smart electronics but we find poor design at the cheaper end of the market is providing insecure and unreliable products and high costs on the better designed and more secure products are a drag on their acceptance and take-up. It seems the secure standard physical lock is still relied upon and proves to be extremely reliable. We only have to look back though time and notice thousands of our locks are still in use forty years later

Learn how you can ensure access for your people with different levels of authorisation while maintaining a high level of security.  Contact our office or trade counter and we will explain how master key systems and key management operations work together to achieve your security goals.

Benn Lock and Safe Ltd
13 St. Davids Square, Fengate, Peterborough PE1 5QA

Mul-T-Lock is versatile, we can supply door cylinders, padlocks, special hasps/shields, cam locks. Our people have the experience and capacity to offer these services:

  • Installation or supply only of the products.
  • Key making and re-pinning of the cylinder plugs.
  • Maintenance and service to keep the product in tip top condition for many years.

Benn Lock and Safe design and install master key systems and use an exclusive high security restricted section system, which is trademark protected.

Budget Master Key Cylinder Suite

The Mul-T-Lock Integrator range has a varied selection of cylinders and padlocks, appropriate for use in smaller master suite systems. We often recommend the Integrator platform for keying alike, creating one that key operates in different locks in the home. This could also be used for commercial premises, or just as a one-off security cylinder

A master key system is a specially designed suite of cylinders configured so that each lock is not only controlled by an individual key, but also by an overall ‘master key’. These locks can be made to all be different or keyed alike in groups depending on preference. For example – to save on key costs front and rear doors could be keyed alike. This is ideal for landlords with HMO’s (Houses in Multiple Occupation) but also suitable for all types of commercial, public or domestic buildings – private homes.

Benn Lock and Safe recently had a request from an HMO landlord who requested that the keys should be restricted in order to prevent any keys being obtained by unauthorised persons.  He had found keys were being made on the High Street which were duplicates and that further copies were being made from the copies. Eventually these copy keys failed in the cylinder and caused and expensive emergency. No one likes being locked out of their homes and tenants are no exception. Most fail to realise copies of copies of copies eventually result is a visit from the emergency locksmith.

A new suite of cylinders was designed. This landlord also needed to change some of the cylinders to incorporate internal ‘thumb-turn cylinders so it would be quicker and safer to lock and unlock room doors from the inside with the thumb-turn. We recommended and built a Mul-T-Lock Integrator system.

As a result, the HMO landlord gained convenience by reducing their bag of keys to a single key and achieved a secure system that gave them the control and flexibility to add more properties to their portfolio.

Smart, scalable, single key solutions for every environment

Having a master key solution from Benn Lock and Safe is a smart, scalable, single key solution for every environment. Our Master Locksmith professionals will discuss design and build requirements that suits your needs We will provide you with ongoing expert support and will be able to maintain your system for years to come – as we have done for our existing clientelle over the past forty plus years.

Benn specialise in the design of access controlled master keyed suites of cylinders to operate many lock types including all simple door cylinders for mortice locks, padlocks and cam locks. A system could comprise a couple of locks on your front and rear doors up to a complete installation over several different work sites. Our people have the knowledge and experience to design an all-embracing system that gives you the simplicity and security you desire.

A master suite works is much like a simple family tree. Starting with the grand master key, this key will open everything on the suite, under that you can have several sub master keys, these are the keys for individual groups of doors or locks, then on the lower tier is the individual differ keys which would be just for one room or area.

Security & Master Key System

With Mul-T-Lock products fitted to your property, you can be safe in the knowledge that potential intruders are being deterred from breaking in just by the sight and style of the Mul -T Lock product. Rest assured you have the very best in lock technology installed in your home or business. As Mul-T-Lock agents in Peterborough, we offer master key suites and other great security products that only certain authorised dealers are given access to.

Benn Lock and Safe offer various security solutions designed around the Master Key. These devices secure all types of property from homes around the UK, Businesses large and small, Hotels, Schools and Colleges.

To learn more about a bespoke Master Key System for your premises or to speak with one of our experts to arrange a survey of you premises please use the contact us page.

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