Key Cutting

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At Benn Lock and Safe we have all the specialist machinery to cut your key and are able to assist with Vehicle keys, Mul T Lock keys, Master key systems and our popular and convenient ‘Keyed Alike‘ systems.

We will soon go the extra mile and offer both a local and online service to deliver keys ordered from the comfort of your home.

Key Cutting

Key cutting services while you wait

Car key cutting in store

We can make some transponder key’s (keys with an immobiliser chip in them).

There are many different types of vehicle keys, too many to list. If you visit our shop Trade Counter in St David’s Square we can check if our equipment will enable us to copy the chip.

Here at Benn we have been Mul-T-Lock agents and stockists for many years.

What’s so good about Mul-T-Lock?

It is a highly secure premium grade security product with a long pedigree. It is versatile with many different types of lock and locking device supported. Keys are never copied they are all made to code.

How is this a benefit?

It’s a huge benefit to have control of your keys. Most Mul-T-Lock keys cannot be copied on the High Street. You will therefore never suffer from the problems caused by poor key making by careless key cutters. Copies of copies are a lock killer and the cause of huge problems and emergency call-outs for landlords. There are several types or ‘platforms’ within the Mul-T-Lock family and we make keys for all of them here in Peterborough. The MT5 platform provides the highest key security and it is impossible to have a key made without the master key code or the cutting card. Probably the best thing about Mul-T-Lock cylinders and padlocks is that they can be designed so that one key will open all your locks; very convenient for anyone but especially for the larger property – domestic or commercial.

What is a Master Key?

A master key is a special key that can open a series of different cylinders and padlocks. All cylinders will have there own different keys and the Master Key will open all of them. Your master key won’t open anyone else’s mastered cylinders and the differ keys won’t open any other locks on your site or any other.

We offer in-house master keys system on all our Mul-T-Lock range, also Dom UK and Union Key Prime. Master key system are ideal for private landlords and are especially useful in HMO’s. Our other clients are School’s, Hospitals, Accommodation Blocks, Animal sanctuary and more.

For the larger householder our keyed alike option is ideal. Our experienced team can provide a Keyed Alike system where we can put all locks for your house on the same key. Front door, back door, gate and shed lock including padlocks. It is possible to put some garage door locks on the same key. Keyed alike, you only need one key for your whole property.

The days where you needed to carry a bunch of keys are over

Imagine One Key That Opens All Your Doors

We provide a one key solution that will open all the doors you choose.
Key cutting services overview

At Benn we offer Vehicle Keys, Mul T Lock, Master Keys and Key Alike services

Whether you need simple Yale lock key cut or a car key cut that has an immobiliser chip, a premium high security Mul-T-Lock MT5 key, a Master key that opens all cylinders and padlocks to a key for a Keyed Alike system that opens your front door, back door, gate and shed lock including padlocks then Benn have you covered. Give us a call today!

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