Access Control

Access Control Installation and Maintenance

Benn Lock and Safe are installers and maintainers of access control systems that are used in various types of buildings such as:-

  • Schools, Colleges and other educational facilities that require a safe and secure environment.
  • Healthcare facilities such as care homes, hospitals and private clinics
  • Commercial buildings that include offices, blocks of flats and shops and also other types of domestic premises

What are the benefits of access control?

  • For convenience and ease
  • Flexible
  • integration and smart management
  • prevent unauthorised access
  • facilitate authorised access
  • monitor and account who is on site

There are many factors to consider prior to installing access control such as:-

  • The number and types of entry and exit points,
  • Door and window types
  • Congestion and capacity management at entrances or in building footfall
  • Disable access
  • appropriate signposting
  • Health & Safety aspects that include Fire regulation implications
  • New COVID related restrictions

For this reason, it is always best to conduct a survey of the premises before a proposal is drawn up and hear at Benn Lock and Safe, one of our technical engineers will be able to meet you on site to assist you.

Contact us to speak with one of our experts and they will arrange a site survey

01733 55 27 28

Questions about Access Control

To help us offer you the right type of products, we want to ask you some questions regarding your Access Control requirements such as:- 
  • Why do you need to control access to your building?
  • Is it for privacy or security or both?
  • Who will we be ‘controlling’?
  • Are they consenting or not?
  • Who manages the system of privileges?
  • When do you need control – all the time, working hours, different times for different people?
  • How do we control them?
  • What type of door or opening do we need to control – are there different types of opening – personnel – adult or child, vehicular?
  • How many entrances?
  • Do you want to know if people have left the building?
  • What type of doors or gates are in place? – this will determine the type of locking device we use.

Planning the system before installation is crucial in getting the right system in place in a timely and cost effective manner.

Types Of Access Control

There are many types of door that can be controlled electronically – including PVCu and composite doors. In heavily used buildings aluminium doors perform much better than ‘lesser’ doors. They are made of various components that can be serviced, maintained and replaced independently over the life of the door/building.

Access Control Components

There are a number of componants within an access control system such as to control a door you need a ‘door controller’ which will be connected to an electricity supply. The door controller communicates with the locking device and in large systems will communicate with the access control software to record who, when and location the door open/closed.

Outside there will be a keypad or a card/fob/fingerprint/face reader. To people without access rights the door is securely locked. To people with access rights the door will open and may (in software controlled systems) record the time and date they accessed the building.

On larger, software controlled systems, the door controllers are linked together by cable or wirelessly to the managers computer. At the computer the software will be recording the door operations and laying down a reviewable audit. The manager will have records of registered users. The manager has rights to add users, remove users or further control users by the addition of time windows. Identity cards can be made with photos of the users and personal information records can be kept under GPDR rules.

Access control, a very powerful addition to the security mix – contact us today!

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