Home Alarm Systems

Home Alarm Systems

Burglar alarm keypad service

It is an opinion long held by our management team that modern intruder alarm systems provide the best value for money of all security devices used in the UK. While being properly looked after and maintained they provide trouble free use and are terrific deterrent devices.

The systems we install are wire free, quickly and more importantly cleanly installed without mess. Reliablity is paramount in intruder alarm systems and the Tyco systems we install come from one of the best manufacturers in the world. Years of international expertise are funnelled into these small but sophisticated devices. The top quality products are ultra reliable and have a long life. We use Tyco equipment extensively but not exclusively because sometimes there can be other manufacturers we can use more effectively.

What happens when the alarm sounds?

There will be a loud siren within the buidling and the system immediately dials out to your selected contacts – you first usually, followed by other trusted relatives of friends. You can choose to have
the system monitored an external ‘alarm receiving centre’. Sadly, the police will no longer accept these calls directly and neither are they obliged to attend a ringing alarm system without ‘confirmation’ the alarm is indeed an intruder and is not a false alarm. Confirmation adds to costs; doubling up on sensors or adding CCTV to the system provides ‘confirmation’.

If you or any alarm receivers want to they can silence the local sounder and listen to background sound. They can shout down the line – ‘who is there? Identify yourselves’. If it is your friend calling in to feed the cat and accidentally set off the alarm you are able to reset the system ready for turning on when that job is complete.

You can call a competant neighbour of friend to investgate, if a neighbour confirms there is an intruder you can call the police directly via 999 and they will act because of the ‘confirmation’.

Costs with Alarm Installers

The real cost of alarm systems has fallen considerably since Benn commenced trading in 1977. The quality has risen exponentially and reliability too has improved year on year.

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