To support Benn Lock and Safe clients, we want to share some important considerations relating to our CCTV service which include:-

CCTV Installation
CCTV Deterrence
CCTV Quality
CCTV Survey


Benefits of installing a CCTV system

In modern locally managed commercial and larger residential applications, cctv installation (Closed Circuit TV – CCTV) systems serve two major functions.

Firstly the ability for owners or managers to log in and actually see into and around the property to augment your security – adding value to your security budget.

Secondly, the sight of cameras deters the all casual and most of the determined thieves – both insiders and strangers. When the building is closed, it is not as good a deterrent as an intruder alarm but it does cut crime and most importantly it reduces the crime perpetrated on you, your family or your business.

Security augmentation is a major factor in the peace of mind you get from investing in security in general. The more peace of mind you have the better the value for money your investment provides.

How to use a CCTV camera as a Deterrent?

We do not make a huge show of the camera when fitted externally but it is no bad thing for the camera to be prominent and visible to provide a deterrent effect to the would-be thief or trouble maker.

Quality of a CCTV system

A compromise between cost and desire. Good quality images are fairly easy to achieve with modern equipment. Good quality recorders are a different matter and the longevity (or lack of it) is a worry for any client interested in ‘value-for-money’. Ease of use and in finding the recording you want in a timely manner is also a factor. At Benn we strive to put together systems that are of high quality, easy to use and stable over the internet. We are unable to cover all bases all the time – some are out of our control but the things we can control we use our expertise to maximise your experience. We use approved suppliers who have the same business ethics as we do, good quality and value for money.

Why CCTV Surveys are important

It is important that a site survey is carried out prior to a design proposal being compiled. Questions that will need to be answered…

Will the system be used for surveillance – viewed continually – or regularly by dedicated staff?.

Will the system be used for ‘security’ – viewed only after specific events or trouble?

Will images be required for identification – full facial recognition that may be required in a court of law?

Are the cameras being used to view something specific or a certain action – such and in a machine or over a production line, in a car park or along a road?

Whether you require a CCTV installer in Peterborough or want to take advantage of a free CCTV Survey with one of our field specialists, whatever your security requirements are we are here to help. 

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