Installing the right size Euro cylinder lock

Euro cylinder locks are generally simple to install and replace subject to having the correct size for your door. In this article we will show you and also answer the most common question we have from customers.

How Do I Measure A Euro Cylinder Lock?

Image of Euro Cylinder on door

1. It is important to first open the door and get down to the level of where the Euro Cylinder lock is installed.

2. Locate the cylinder fixing screw (see image) which will be used as the starting point to obtain two measurements.

3. From the centre of the fixing screw measure to the outer edge of both the internal and external parts of the euro cylinder so that is ends at the backplate of the handles. (see image)

You will now have two separate measurements that will give you the exact size required for a new replacement Euro cylinder.

The image below shows a ruler along the length of a Euro Cylinder where Size A is used for the external measurements and Size B is used as the internal measurements.

Size A equals to 40mm to the centre hole and Size B equals to 60mm making the required cylinder a 40 – 60 where the entire length is 100mm.

Image of Euro cylinder being measured

A different yet common type of cylinder you may come across is called a Euro Thumb Turn Cylinder and measuring this is very similar however requires identifying the thumb side size.

Image showing parts of a Thumb turn Euro Cylinder

To determine the size measure ‘Thumb’ then ‘B

Example Thumb = 40mm B=45mm. You will require to order a 40T/45 cylinder.

This cylinder has an overall leghth of 85mm

Thumb (T) = inside

B = Outside

If you require any help or advice, please contact us where one of our expert security advisors will be happy to guide you and answer any questions.

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