Forty five years in business and still going strong; that’s the benefit of a family concern.
Who would have thought back in 1977 we would still be trading and supplying security services to the Peterborough and district communities in 2022.

Our company ethos has always been to provide a value for money service in a timely manner and get recommendations from satisfied clients. We still operate the same though on a slightly larger scale than in 1977.

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Business has changed over the years though, security has changed and is continuously changing. We keep up, but try to keep one step behind the curve! The reason for this is that when things change fast a lot of newcomers enter the market with clever ideas – too clever sometimes – or not clever enough for today’s high standards. We appraise the situation and move accordingly… or not.

Our MD has seen great changes in society over 45 years and big changes within the security industry. Expansion, take-overs, integration, recession. Now war will cause tensions that will put both pressure on our services in the form of extra demand and losses of customers that delay their purchases.

We’ve been in similar circumstances before and the directors are confident of coming through the other side because we have a small, dedicated team of workers who know the job inside-out.

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