Prevent a burglary by reading the following Police advice

Police have warned residents in Peterborough following a spate of burglaries around the city and have spent time advising residents on what steps they can take to deter burglars.


The Cambridgeshire Constabulary have published burglary prevention advice and cover the following areas:

  • Reporting a burglary
  • Burglary prevention
  • Locks
  • Hiding items
  • Home security installation
  • Lock snapping

They note that homes without basic security features are five times more likely to be burgled in comparison to homes with adequate security in place.

Euro Cylinder locks

Besides taking steps to lock doors, windows, side gates and outbuildings every time you leave your house, and to store high value items, such as jewellery and passports, in a properly secured safe, Cambridgeshire Constabulary have emphasised awareness of having the correct size euro profile lock to a shorter one that can’t be snapped off meaning “lock snapping” is still a snapping technique used by offenders to gain access to properties very quickly.


To reduce the opportunity of a Euro-cylinder burglary taking place at your home Benn Lock and Safe advise replacing your locks with the following type of cylinder:-

Mul-T-Lock Break Secure


The Break Secure is a retrofit anti-snap cylinder, offering home owners complete peace of mind against all forms of cylinder attack. It uses patent protected technology and a patented key, it is ideal for any PVCu or composite front, porch, conservatory or rear door and features the following:-

  • Break Secure is where the front section of the cylinder snaps off when forced leaving the remaining part of the cylinder in tack and in place leaving the door secure which prevents cylinder snapping.
  • Interlocking cam – provides a greater degree of strength
  • Bump resistant – ‘bumping’ is a technique used where inserting and tapping an illegal key to release the cam that offenders practice however Break Secure has proven to resist this.
  • Anti-drill – The Break Secure cylinder is engineered using high strength materials to prevent prolonged drilling
  • Grip resistant – offenders use hand tools such as mole-grips to grip cylinders to lock snap however Break Secure is designed to be grip resistant
  • Advice by Cambridgeshire Constabulary – Police advise to have British Standard cylinders and for them to be TS 007 and Break Secure meets these guides being a 3 star Cylinder.

Benn Lock and Safe have served the community since 1977 as Master Locksmith Association vetted members and here to offer you with advice and guidance with your security.

We saw the above articles from Cambridgeshire Police today and thought they would be useful for our clients and any other property owners and occupiers that are interested in reducing the stress of everyday life. Have a read, any help or advice you need, give us a call. You would be surprised what a deterrent it is when you have security in place. Good locks and alarm systems are a huge help to deter intruders.

Don’t wait until it’s too late, talk to us now, act on our advice and you will not be burgled.

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